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Task Orders Received

SeaPort-e task orders will be listed below upon task order award with task order's documentation (PDF)

Task Order Numbers                                            Ordering Activity
Information available upon award                           Information available upon award

Technical Instructions Issued

Technical instructions will be posted as they are issued.

Team Members Proposed on Task Order

Team members will be posted upon receipt of award of task order.

Team Members

All team members, as listed at the Seaport-e Contractor Information Registration site, their capability/area of expertise, and services experience:

Zone 1: GEA Engineering, PC  (http://www.geaengineering.com/)

Zone 2: AM2 Solutions, LLC (http://www.am2-solutions.com/)

Zone 3: Professional Solutions (http://www.prosol1.com/)

Zone 4: Applied Cooling Technology (http://appliedcool.com/)

Zone 5: CDM Software Solutions (http://appliedcool.com/)

Zone 6: Catalina Sea Ranch (https://catalinasearanch.com/)

Zone 7: Federal Cyber Defense Solutions, Inc  (http://federalcyberdefense.com)